The Management of Savagery:

How America’s National Security State Fueled the Rise of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Donald Trump

Max Blumenthal


Author: Max Blumenthal

Country: United States

Original language: English


One of the finest and most intrepid journalists working in America. ANDREW COCKBURN, AUTHOR OF KILL CHAIN


“Insightful … The failure to place these conflicts in context, to examine our own complicity in fueling a justifiable anger, own rage, dooms us to perpetual misunderstanding and perpetual warfare.” — CHRIS HEDGES, TRUTHDIG


The strength of the book is in connecting the dots, and the masterful narrative it weaves together. Most readers will find much that is new to them. A journalistic achievement whose importance could barely be exaggerated. ASA WINSTANLEY, MIDDLE EAST MONITOR


A thought provoking, disturbing book about America’s foreign wars and the impact on the USA itself. We all need to read this book to better understand the world we live in. GABRIEL BYRNE


Book Description

The Management of Savagery excavates the malign truth behind America’s foreign policy. Since the 1970s, Washington has been secretly aiding some of the worst terrorists in the Middle East, supporting extremists with money and hardware, across Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Blumenthal shows how the extremist forces that now threaten peace across the globe are the inevitable flowering of America’s imperial designs. He draws a direct lineage between this history and the election of Donald Trump.



Max Blumenthal

Journalist, Author, Blogger, Filmmaker, The Grayzone Founder

Nationality: American


The Wright Show:

The Management of Savagery | Robert Wright & Max Blumenthal


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