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Dining with Mustard Gas

A look at the Function of Saddam’s Spiritual Father in the Chemical Bombing of Sardasht In the final years of the Iran-Iraq War, we witnessed the height of the Iran-Iraq conflict around 1966, due to

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American Leadership & Forqani Massacre

The Yankees Blood-stained hands in the Assassinations of the Sixties Undoubtedly, one of the most horrific and violent political events in the history of Iran after the imperial period is formed in People’s Mujahedin Organization

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Rogers; a Commander of Fury and Sound

A Look at the Unfinished Journey of the Passengers from Iran Air Flight 655 The first missile strike on a passenger plane dates back to July 3, 1988. The world’s news agencies wrote about this

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From Myth to Reality (3)

The Born of Christ! As mentioned in the previous two sections, Christopher Columbus, who is mistakenly referred to as the discoverer of America, was not a Christian. Contrary to his pretense of Christianity, he was

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The Costly End of a Peon (2)

US Crimes in Panama Under the pretext of Noriega’s Arrest On October 3, 1989, a group of Panamanian defense forces, in consultation with the United States, arrested Noriega and detained him for two hours; But

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