The Born of Christ!

As mentioned in the previous two sections, Christopher Columbus, who is mistakenly referred to as the discoverer of America, was not a Christian. Contrary to his pretense of Christianity, he was originally Jewish, and even those who arranged his trip were Jewish. Now, why the media, history and even he himself, have sought to conceal his true religion is an important question that is addressed in this section. “Being a Christian” or “Columbus pretending to be a Christian” and ” secretly being Jewish” are important historical issues, because of the remarkable taste it gives to the profound developments in the Western countries, the “Renaissance”, which actually begins with Columbus’ journey to the New Continent. “Columbus being a Jew” means – especially since it has been proven that his travel expenses were also paid for by the Jews – that from the very beginning of his journey, Jews might had a “plan” to seize the benefits of the trip and confiscate any profits from it.


According to Wilcomb E. Washburn: “It is true that Europeans like Columbus, who sought to transcend known borders, often expressed their motives in the form of Christian ideals; But this has always been a mixture of worldly and otherworldly motives. On one hand, Columbus was constantly aware that the name given to him, Christopher, meant Born of Christ. On the other hand, the wealth he expected to provide for himself and his masters through dangerous cruises to the West was to be provided mainly through trading.” (1)

“The Columbian ship carried about thirty converts, who no doubt saw the voyage as a good opportunity to escape the Inquisition, but did not carry even a single priest soul!”(2) writes Jean-Paul Duviols about the presence of Jews on Columbus’ voyage to the Americas. Duviols speaks of “thirty Jews in the Colombian crew” but immediately reminds the reader that they were “converts” and at the same time tells us nothing about why they had converted, and also escapes from explaining the nature of this “conversion” which was not much accepted by then Christian Apparatus (despite their insisting on making Jews convert to Christianity).

Most well-known Western authors, whose works have been translated into Persian, refrain from addressing any issue that reflects Jewish conspiracies in various aspects of Jewish interactions with Christians and Muslims. Sometimes, when forced to express some information buried in the hearts of their libraries and research centers, they speak in such riddles that the reader is completely blinded to any negative perceptions against the Jews!

According to Consuelo Varela, a well-known Spanish Colombian scholar – as it’s quoted from Shalom Magazine – “Columbus knew the Old Testament by heart, which is not common for a person belonging to the Catholic community. Probably the greatest dream of this famous sailor was to rebuild the Solomon’s Temple, despite this act’s being as cursing Jesus Christ.”

“Columbus considered himself the chosen one. When dealing with Ferdinand and Isabel, he stubbornly repeated that it was God’s will for him to discover new lands; Because he could achieve the necessary resources for a new crusade by the means of this voyage. This argument had a profound effect on the royal couple: The idea of ​​a new crusade, as sacred to the Prince Henry the Navigator, was sacred to the Spanish royalty, and also valuable for the discoveries of the Spaniards, as well as the Portuguese.” Writes Carl Grimberg.

Daniel Borstein calls Columbus a “religious fanatic” (3) or a “fanatical religious man” (4).

“Like David, he considered himself chosen by God and hoped to be worthy to cover the holy shrine.” (5) Charles writes about Columbus “He wanted to liberate Jerusalem on his way,” he continues. (6) According to Verlinden, it is as if Columbus intended to make up for the Crusaders’ defeats alone The defeats that the Muslims inflicted on Christians two hundred years ago (1291 AD) in the Ninth Crusade. (7)


However, the main purpose of Columbus and his journey may not be fully understood from what we’ve reviewed. But one can be sure that many issues were behind the scene of his travels and the intentions of his supporters; Issues that have been hidden from the media for centuries and presented in a different way.

Perhaps, if the American journey so far is carefully examined -from the beginning until now- it will not result in anything other than that everything happened according to a sinister and planned scheme, so that the United States is now at this time and at this point in history, truly in the form of a devil (Rather, the greatest devil) destroys the whole world under the pretext of “creating a new world order.”

But surely America will have a dire end; Direr than the it’s beginning: in the end, Grimness would fall, and justice and righteousness will prevail…


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